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Job Placement made simple

Finding the perfect job or candidate should be simpler than what is currently out there. We simplified the process by placing your resume into data that can be filtered so that you can save time and money.


Easy to use App and flawless design


Abolishing the need of resumes by putting all information in one place

Cost Efficient

AVDA will be free for the first 6 months, after that our job postings will cost a fraction to that of our competitors


Social Media links, derogatory marks for no shows, and verified profiles

One time sign up

One time 5 minute onboarding process with the ability to edit or update


Filtering options on both sides to save time and money by getting you to the correct candidate quicker

How it works?

Create Account

Swipe through qualified candidates only

Match and schedule interview times

Effortless profiles

With AVDA, you create your profile once and you can update at any time.

no resume profile

No resumes needed

For employers you will not have to sift through resumes and you will only see qualified candidates. For seekers you only need to sign up once and you can update your profile at any time.

Filtering your way

Find the right job or candidate by setting your filters to what you want.

Chat with matches in AVDA

Chat with matches

Chat with your matches and schedule interview times.

Blurred profiles

Candidates who don’t want their current company to know that they are looking for a new job can blur their profile and stay anonymous.

Blurred profile

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